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The Ascension of Jesus can be a confusing scene. It is to be counted among the high holy days of the church calendar. Events on the church calendar are limited to items of theological significance, which is why the nativity (Christmas), passion (Good Friday), and resurrection (Easter) of Christ are memorialized with such pomp. Yet the Ascension is easily...
Quote from The Liturgy and Ritual of the Celtic Church by F. E. Warren The liturgy of the ancient Celtic Church suggests they shared the practice of communion for infants. Similar to the practice of the Eastern Orthodox churches and Byzantine (Roman) Catholic Churches. Paedocommunion is also tolerated by certain branches of Anglicanism and some protestant bodies (e.g. Reformed Episcopal...
I’ve uploaded this very helpful booklet by Bp. Ray Sutton for those who may have questions about the Biblical or historic nature of Episcopalianism. Download the PDF: Captains and Courts I had the privilege to finally meet Bishop Ray Sutton (Presiding Minister, Reformed Episcopal Church) at the Anglican Church in North America's 2017 Provincial Assembly at Wheaton College, Chicago, IL.  

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