Captains and Courts

A Biblical Defense of Episcopacy


Table of Contents


  1. Chapter One: Where Do We Begin?
  2. Chapter Two: Old Testament Royal Priesthood
  3. Chapter Three: New Testament Royal Priesthood: Hierarchy
  4. Chapter Four: New Testament Royal Priesthood: Pastoral
  5. Chapter Five: New Testament Royal Priesthood: Legal
  6. Chapter Six: New Testament Royal Priesthood: Symmetry
  7. Chapter Seven: New Testament Royal Priesthood: Participatory
  8. Chapter Eight: Deacons
  9. Chapter Nine: Presbyters
  10. Chapter Ten: Bishops
  11. Chapter Eleven: Comparisons

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    The Most Rev. Dr. Ray Sutton

    The Most Rev. Ray R. Sutton serves as the Presiding Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church (REC) and the Ordinary of the Diocese of Mid America. He is also the Dean of the Province and Ecumenical Affairs of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), of which the Reformed Episcopal Church is a founding member and special jurisdiction. Bishop Sutton often lectures at ACNA and Reformed Episcopal Seminaries, and is a popular retreat speaker.