Celtic Christianity and Infant Communion (Paedocommunion)


Quote from The Liturgy and Ritual of the Celtic Church by F. E. Warren

The liturgy of the ancient Celtic Church suggests they shared the practice of communion for infants. Similar to the practice of the Eastern Orthodox churches and Byzantine (Roman) Catholic Churches. Paedocommunion is also tolerated by certain branches of Anglicanism and some protestant bodies (e.g. Reformed Episcopal Church, Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches.)

The Stowe Missal, mentioned in the quote, is an 8th century liturgy/service book used by Christians in Ireland.

An ancient form of infant confirmation: “Chrismation” is also outlined in the 1549 Anglican Book of Common Prayer.

Anglican Chrismation

A side note: Our daughter Assumpta was baptized, blessed with oil, and communed in the same Anglican service in March 2016.

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